To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Michael
Subject:Disease Halts, Vedek Yarra Presses On

GNN -- TOZHAT PROVINCE, BAJOR. As one of the areas most severely afflicted by the Vargian Flu, Bajor was relieved when the highly contagious disease inexplicably stopped spreading several days ago. Additionally, there have been no further casualties caused by the disease since its spread halted. Similar reports have been filtering in from across the two quadrants. Public health officials seem divided as to what could be the cause of this sudden break of good luck, but none seem to have any scientific evidence to corroborate their opinion.

The halt of the disease has not been the end of Bajor's problems. Vedek Yarra, the religious fanatic who spoke so violently against the Federation relief convoys, seems to be broadcasting a different message now. He has taken to accusing the Centaurian people for this plague which has so maliciously afflicted the region, highlighting the fact that the first incident of the disease occurred on Alpha Centauri VII.

Describing the Centaurian people as "a thorn in the side of the Alpha Quadrant," Yarra has sent waves of anger rippling through the Bajoran community. Rioting broke out in the Capitol City outside of the homes of several prominent Centaurian community members early this evening, in a scene eerily reminiscent of the rioting at Oxbridge United University on Earth. While there is no evident link between the two events, public authorities have stated that they will give the matter their full attention.