To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Michael
Subject:Civil Unrest Sweeps Oxbridge Campus

GNN -- OXBRIDGE UNITED UNIVERSITY, EARTH. Civil unrest swept across the campus of Oxbridge United University this afternoon, the culmination of what public officials are describing as a growing wave of anti-Centaurian sentiment on the planet over the last several weeks. Minimal damage was done to University property, but several complaints were filed with the local authorities by individuals who claim to have been physically accosted during the gathering of protesters.

In a public statement released earlier this afternoon, University administrators said it was unclear what has led to this sudden spike in ill-will towards the Centaurian people. Although there is little evidence pointing to the cause, they plainly stated that they will pursue the matter until they have answers. The University declined to make any further statements on the investigation.

The small amount of information GNN has obtained beyond the formal statement from Oxbridge United University has come by way of students who witnessed the proceedings. Speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of being labelled a 'Centaurian supporter,' one student told the local GNN affiliate that the protest seemed to focus on the alleged genetic inferiority of the Centaurian people, referring to them as an "inferior stock of Terrans."

Such blatantly prejudicial views have not been seen in some time, leaving many to wonder where this sudden discrimination has come from. We will provide you with further updates as they become available.