Subject:Klingon Empire Restricts Trade

The Imperial trefoil of the Klingon Empire appears on the screenm, lingering for several breaths, before dissolving in a cross-fade to the battle bridge of a Klingon warship. Seated upon the throne at the bridge's center is a warrior dressed in the garb of high Imperial office: loS Qang himself. He looks toward the holocamera with intensity, as if trying to stare into the very soul of every viewer looking back at him, and speaks.

"Today, I issue a decree. With the spread of the Vargian flu within the Federation's borders growing uncontrolled, the Empire must take steps to protect itself from this threat. Though our trade with the Federation is nonexistant thanks to their embargo of our Empire -- now a boom rather than a detriment -- there are still independent traders may have had contact with Federations worlds. Therefore, all non-Imperial trade vessels must submit to inspection by KDF forces and must release their travel logs to the supervising Commerce official prior to landing on any Imperial asset. Any trade vessel having contact with any Federation world within the last six months will be turned away. Refusal to submit will be met with deadly force."

"That is all."