Subject:[Hajhasan: Breaking News]

From:     Hajhasan
To:       Shan
When:     8:37 pm, Tuesday, December 15, 1998
Subject:  Breaking News
[The GNN logo appears once, completing a half turn before it is rudely cut off, the pasty blue face of Agrel Tren replaces it.]
GNN interrupts its regular programming to report the following news.  We have received reports of a disturbance involving President Levt'r of the United Federation of Planets.  GNN can report at this time that the President was at a public function in Caracas [a graphic appears, showing Caracas in the southern portion of the 'American Administrative District'] a city of Earth.  Observers are reporting a loud noise, and some sort of light discharge, and, this is unconfirmed, we are also reporting that the President and its team was beamed out of the vicinity at the same time.  We can't confirm this with the Special Services, but GNN is advised that this is standard procedure in the event of an apparent credible threat to the President.
Again, GNN can not confirm this information at this time, but we will continue to bring you all the news on this possible assasination attempt as it breaks.
[Tren turns to another cue.]
Tren: In the meantime we have in our Lunar City studio, Michelle Henke, a security specialist.  Welcome Michelle.
Henke: Thank you for having me Agrel.
Tren: Always a pleasure.  Can you explain what security procedures are in place to deal with any threats to the President?
Henke: Well Agrel, as your ground observers noted, the President, and about half his staff are always under a permanent transporter lock.  Any member of his security staff can trigger this simply by subvocalizing into his mike.  Once transported, they'll each materialize in a separate, high security medical facility.  This may seem paranoid, but it has foiled more than one assasination attempt before, and I suspect it has done so again today.
Tren: Well, it is good to know that precautions are taken.  We should get a confirmation of the President's safe return at any time now then, what can you tell us about the means that will be deployed to find the perpetrators?  Um, I must again stress at this point that we still have no confirmation that it was indeed an assasination attempt.
Henke: Well Tren, the privacy laws do restrict our options here, there was for instance, no nanopresence in the area.  However, we have many resources, most of them which I can't really tell you about.  We'll find the perpetrators.
Tren: Thank you Michelle Henke.  Now we turn to correspondent G'rellat who we understand has a report from the 'extraction center' as they call it in San Francisco.
G'rellat: Yes Tren, I've spoken to several of the top officials here, several of them whom we know were part of the emergency beam out group.  Tren, I don't know quite what to make of this, but we haven't seen the President yet.  Nor can we get any comment from the staff here.
Tren: We're now approaching six minutes after the event, and still no word on the President.  This is GNN, we will stay with this story....