Subject:Bajoran Civilian Transmission


A middle-aged Bajoran man in the habit of a Vedek sits before a desk, with a sad, but resolute expression on his face.  The Vedek has dark hair with graying temples and it appears that he hasn't slept in days.  A prayer altar can be seen burning behind him, and scattered throughout the dark room he is in, are scrolls of, presumably, holy writings.

When he speaks, his voice is noble and it seems to resonate from the speakers.

"It has come to pass as I have told you, my children.  The Defilers have come to our peaceful world to view the spoils of their work; to laugh at the suffering of our children, and to revel in the passing of our elderly.

Not only do the Defilers watch, but they actively hunt down those of us who weren't infected by their insidious weapon.  Just days ago, the forward scouting party for their invasion came across a group of our survivors and - in typical fashion - attacked your brothers and sisters without provocation.

Is this what the United Federation of Planets has to offer us, my children?  Horror and violence?  They say they are here to defend us, but have only brought war and hatred.    They claim to be our friends but infect and attack us.  They ignored our protests and continue to run 'tests' and 'experiments' in the Celestial Temple, sacrilegiously violating the sanctity of our most holy place.  They do not follow the Way, nor the Will, of the Prophets.

The Will of the Prophets is for you to resist this invasion!  To defend your homes, to protect your children and to save not only your lives, but your very souls!

I warn you, not to accept their so called 'aid'!  The pretense of relief camps, will soon lead to labor and refugee camps!  They seek only to perfect their weapon so the next 'infection' will completely wipe out the noble and ancient Bajoran people!

My children, I - and the Prophets - implore you to resist this invasion until the last breath in your body has been exhaled.  Do not let the Defilers win!  Do not let those lost to the heinous infection of the Federation have died for nothing!

Remember the Occupation, and always remember the Will of the Prophets!"

The transmission ends with a picture of a floating Orb and then repeats after a few moments.