From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Breaking News: Alpha Centauri VII

[The regular program is interrupted by the spinning GNN logo, with the words BREAKING NEWS below it.]

The news anchor wastes little time with formalities, and has a grave look on his face as he begins to speak. "An epidemic of the Vargian Flu affected Alpha Centauri VII today, causing planet-wide chaos this afternoon. A rapidly spreading disease with devastating effects, Starfleet has temporarily quarantined the planet to prevent further spread of the pathogen." It's hard to imagine it's possible, but the anchor's face becomes even more serious before he speaks again, "GNN was alerted to the situation when the following message was transmitted over open hailing frequencies."

[The screen switches to an image of the USS Endeavour, as the original transmission plays audibly.]

Pan-Pan Medico. Pan-Pan Medico. Pan-Pan Medico. This is the USS Endeavour to any able vessel within communications range. Planet Alpha Centauri VII is reporting a planetwide outbreak of the Vargian Flu. Repeat, planet Alpha Centauri VII is reporting a planetwide outbreak of the Vargian Flu. Any able vessels with medical facilities are requested to converge at the planet and standby for further operational details.

[The screen switches back to the anchor]

"Among the vessels that have responded so far are the USS Endeavour, the USS Angelwing, the USS Guadalcanal, and the FAS Flynn." The anchor says, the color drained from his face fully. "Casualty estimates have not been released yet. The only vague statement to be given suggested they will be 'high'. Until there's more information, this has been GNN, with all the news that's fit to air."