From:Lady Cerise
Subject:Coded Message

The image of a young woman appears across the viewscreen as the GNN logo fades away.  Her hair is a light pink and her skin seems to glow with and aura of soft magenta light that fades and brightens as she begins to speak.  Her posture is tall and regal, and when she looks at the camera with her dark purple eyes beneath those thin pink eyebrows one can almost see directly into her mind, as if she were telepathically linking herself with everyone watching her.

Greetings citizens of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.  I am Cerise of the first house of Myyst, follower of the White Current. We, the Myystral, send this message out to all who would hear it." She adjusts her position slightly as the camera pans out a bit. "The Myystral here-by claim Highland Station as their own, rightfully beginning their quest to take back the territory stolen from them centuries ago by the Unican Authority.  All who oppose us... shall perish.

The transmission ends.