Subject:DS9 Returns Home

Just hours ago, Deep Space 9, vanished to parts unknown for seven months, returned to the Alpha Quadrant via the Bajoran wormhole, to be greeted by a coalition of Federation and Rihannsu starships.

The station made passage through the wormhole under its own power. The Federation starship Enterprise vaguely reports that their position was "somewhere on the fringe of the Gamma Quadrant" but was unable to report a precise location due to an ill-timed computer failure.

The Rihannsu Warbird ChR Jhu'ehrie also suffered a similar malfunction, and nearly came to blows with Enterprise, presuming it an act of sabotage, and over a missing Rihannsu officer, presumed kidnapped by the crew of the Enterprise. As of this report, the situation has not yet been resolved.

Further reports as events develop.