From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Klingons Raid Cardassian Colonies - Federation Objects


A colony lies in smouldering ruin, victim of a Klingon lightning assault just hours before. It is one of many on the outlying colony worlds of the Cardassian Union that have fallen victim to the promised retribution of the Klingon armada. With most of its fleet devastated during the re-opening of the Bajoran wormhole, the Union's military resources are stretched too thinly to provide security to these worlds so distant from its core, making them ripe targets for Klingon raids into Cardassian space. The attacks come as no surprise following the buildup of the Klingon war machine in response to the Cardiassian assault on Deep Space 9.

The Council of the United Federation of Planets is denouncing the Klingon military action, labeling it an act of barbarism against an already crippled enemy. The Federation, who arguably lost more than the Klingons during the Cardassian attack in March, is continuing to urge resolution through diplomatic channels -- a continued departure from the "no-nonsense" policies of former President Maxwell's administration.

The Rihannsu Star Empire thus far remains silent on the issue, a state that is certainly no departure from past policies. Whether the enigmatic Empire maintains its silence in the days to come remains to be seen.

The Federation demand for a Klingon withdrawl from Cardassian space has so far gone unheeded, as the Empire continues to test the Union's response to raids on its borders. How long before it presses the attack into the heart of the Cardassian Union remains to be seen, and the response of the galaxy at large is still anybody's guess.

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