From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Klingon War Buildup


Behind the borders of the Klingon Empire the war drums are beating as the Imperial armada gears up to launch an offensive against the Cardassian Union, in response to their uprovoked attack on the Federation space station Deep Space 9 during a secret military summit held there between the major powers of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The Imperial High Council is holding the Union responsible for the loss of the station and the flagship of the First Imperial Battlefleet, IKS qeylIS ro'. The Cardassians have denied that loss of Deep Space 9 was intentional and that the station is considered "collateral damage" in their attack on the defense field that surround the now-reopened and stable Bajoran Wormhole.

The United Federation of Planets has likewise moved fleets into position along the Demilitarized Zone, but is urging the Klingon Empire to use care in their retaliation and is denying the Klingons passage for their fleets through Federation space. Showing a surprising shift in attitude since the Maxwell Administration, the Federation is urging resolution through diplomatic channels in spite of the sudden hostility of the Cardassian Union.

Thus far no official response has come out of the Romulan Star Empire, but the presence of a number of their ships in the coalition fleet suggests that they are at least interested in the events. Whether or not the secretive Empire intends a retalitory strike of its own is still a matter of speculation, but history has shown that silence  from the Romulans does not indicate inaction.