From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Wormhole Probed - Fleet Discovered

A joint Klingon-Romulan-Federation task force has assembled in Bajoran space at the last coordinates of Deep Space Nine, where for nearly a week efforts have been made to study the newly-reopened wormhole in order to determine the station's fate.

Having determined that the wormhole was stable, the task force sent scouts into the wormhole in order to ascertain the station's status. The results were not at first favorable. The returning vessels reported a massive field of debris on the other side, debris which on cursory examination appears to be wreckage from a large fleet of ships. Preliminary scans, however, have identified markings on the wreckage and physical composition consistent with Dominion warships. Detailed analysis of the debris may take several more days to weeks before it can be determined whether any of it is Cardassian in makeup, however it has raised hopes for the station's survival.

It does raise more questions. If Deep Space Nine survived the wormhole's opening, where has it and the Cardassian fleet gone? And what of the Dominion fleet? Was it poised to strike at the wormhole's opening? What was its fate?

Only time may reveal the answers.