Subject:Wormhole Reopens! DS9 Vanishes!

Earlier this evening, a massive Cardassian fleet attacked Deep Space Nine. Now, nothing remains.

In the middle of what now appears to be a secretly-organized military summit between the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and Romulan Stellar Empire regarding defense against the OOR threat, hundreds of Cardassian Galor and Keldon class cruisers decloaked and began to fire en masse upon the station and her support fleet with what appeared to be the polaron-based weapons once used by Dominion warcraft. As the main assault took place, a secondary assault swept over the defense perimeter erected by Starfleet around the location of the sealed Bajoran wormhole. These defenses were quickly overwhelmed and crippled.

A GNN shuttle reports witnessing a single Galor warship pull away from the main force, holding position roughly near the coordinates of the wormhole's mouth. It is reported that the vessel began to glow, and that nine orbs of glowing energy seamed to streak from the vessel's bridge and converge on a single point. There was a bright flash which blinded eyes and sensors alike.

When the glare faded, Deep Space Nine, the Cardassian fleet, and the Imperial delegate ships were all gone. It is reported that the wormhole remained open for several seconds afterward, and it was recorded that its position had become unstable. Once closed, its position seemed to stabilize and return to its original coordinates.

So far, no remains have been found and no attempts have been made to enter the wormhole to discover the whereabouts of the station.

Among the ships reported lost: USS Endeavour, IKS qeylIS ro', ChR Arreinye'Aidoann, BMS Prophet's Light, IKS chevwI' tlhoy'.