From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Tears of the Prophets stolen!


The Bajoran religious order is in an uproar today, in response to the sudden and violent theft of two of their most holy artifacts, the Tears of the Prophets, generally known collectively as the Bajoran Orbs.

The Bajoran Orb of Contemplation was stolen from the Ilvea shrine of Bajor by masked gunmen who used high explosives to breach the temple's walls in a rapid incursion that left Bajoran security with little time to respond. The gunmen transported out before they could be apprehended. The Bajoran Militia halted all orbital traffic in response, but no vessel was apprehended.

In a simultaneous and similar strike, the Orb of Wisdom was stolen from a secret location outside of Bajoran space, where it was hidden as a security measure. No vessel was apprehended there either, leading Bajoran Militia authorities to believe that a cloaked vessel was utilized in the attacks.

This is in addition to a rash of recent thefts of these specific artifacts; two others were stolen from Bajor within the last three years.

Both Orbs were the sole remaining Tears in Bajoran custody out of the original nine purported by the Bajoran religious tradition to have been gifted to the Bajoran people by the Prophets, semi-dieties thought to dwell in the Celestial Temple -- once the only known stable wormhole in the Alpha Quadrant.

It is unknown who stole the artifacts or why they were taken, though rising value on the black market for rare artifacts has seen a trend in recent times.

The Vedek Assembly has made unfounded claims against the Cardassian Union, citing the former persecution and occupation by the Union as evidence. The Cardassian Union has refuted the claim, stating their desires only to maintain peaceful relations with their neighbors as they rebuild from a disastrous conflict with the United Federation of Planets.

More information when it becomes available.