Subject:HP News Item

A familiar news anchor sits behind her news desk, looking utterly informative. As she should. "This is Patricia Forbes for GE news. After the recent surprising resignation of Sare Jillian from the position of Hellesport Prime Minister, PanHelles has finally announced a replacement." In the right corner of the screen, a box containing a picture of a young-looking man with dark hair and black eyes appears. "F'al Nai, current Station Commander has served the station for a surprisingly short period of only just over a year. Yet, his commitment to his work and to the strength of this station seem to have finally paid off. Now, Nai, a former engineer, will become the leader of the entire free-trade station. He had this to say in a recent press conference:"

The picture flips to a somewhat shaky shot of the conference dome atop Hellesport. Reporters crowd around a podium decorated with the Hellesport logo, tiny holo-cameras on the sides of their heads. The same young man from the picture, who stands behind the podium, face illuminated by the camera's lights. He speaks, clearing his throat. "Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the press, members of the PanHelles board," he extends a hand to a point on the other side of the room, the reporters turn to face a long table, 12 stony faced people seated around it, then turn back, "friends and associates. I am here to officially announce my acceptance of the position of Prime Minister of this Station." Polite applause and muttering. After it dies down, "My first act as Prime Minister is to promote Commander Scout to my former position, hereby keeping the chain of command intact." With a look down at his note prompter on the podium, and a look up with conviction, "I vow to keep then standard of excellence established by Dr. Jillian and her predecessors and hope to usher Hellesport Station into a new era of cooperation and profitable trade for all of our allies!" Applause erupts from the crowd and even the stony-faced board members. After this obvious conclusion, reporters begin to hound him for questions, all of which he ignores as he steps down off the podium and heads for the stairs out of the dome.

Back to the newsroom, "Well, take that as you will, we can only hope that Hellesport will be able to stay strong in this command change, for the good of trade. Nai will return to duty and assume his new title by the end of the week. This is Patricia Forbes, GE news." The lights dim, the camera zooms out, the picture fades, and the next program begins...