Subject:OOR Battle at Hellesport!

Hellesport local space is littered with the debris of battle. USS James Maxwell, flagship of the Federation's First Fleet, has been destroyed.

For months, tension and anticipation in the Klingon-Romulan Neutral Zone in the vicinity of Hellesport has been growing, in the wake of dark portents and increasing empath violence similar to the riots on Betazed just prior to the OOR attack there. Tonight, events came to climax as Starfleet, rumored to be carrying a telepathic specialist aboard the USS James Maxwell, engaged the black ships in near-station orbit.

There was a lull after the Maxwell advised the station that it was "ready to begin" and that the fleet go to yellow alert. Several moments later, the black ship emerged and engaged the Maxwell, the fleet, and Hellesport alike in a furious, but brief firefight. Vessels from the 12th Patrol Group sustained heavy damage, when the black ship suddenly ceased its assault. After a long, tense moment, the black ship resumed its attack, and the fleet laid on with its full force of arms, eventually destroying the vessel.

The fleet was limping, the Maxwell was crippled, but they were victorious.

It was to be a short-lived victory, however. Minutes later, a second and third black ship appeared, bearing down immediately upon the Maxwell, firing upon it and triggering a warp core breach. As they turned upon the fleet and station, telepaths in the area reported a strange telepathic screech that seems to disrupted the attack. Seconds later, the two ships fled and disappeared. Already we are receiving reports that the empathic gloom surrounding the area is clearing.

Hellesport was severely damaged in the battle, and repairs are estimated to take weeks to repair. Thankfully, while casualties were high, the number of dead was minimal.

USS James Maxwell was lost to core breach. Early reports suggest that all hands were recovered via escape pod.

Starfleet has yet to comment.

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