Subject:Mysterious Brown-out Claims Life

The latest in a series of unexplained power fluctuations aboard Hellesport Station has claimed it's first fatality

Technicians blame the mysterious 'brown-outs' for causing the death of former New Hellesport CMO Dr Zepide Clix.

It appears that Dr Clix felt hungry during the night, getting up to make himself a dessert snack. Evidently the replicator process was interrupted at a critical point, causing it to miss it's shutdown sequence.

Dr Clix was found drowned in a room full of chocolate custard, still clutching a bowl, containing a slice of jam pudding, as though it was a life-raft.

Needless to say, it was fruitless.

Dr Clix was transported immediately upon discovery to the Hellesport Medical Centre, where Dr. Diarmid Ennpeecee had this to say:

"It would help if next time you expect me to do my job you manage to get the patient to me /before/ he dies."

Dr. Ennpeecee had been a colleague of Dr Clix for many years, on both the original and new Hellesport Stations.

Neither the Hellesport Chief of Engineers nor the CMO could be reached for a comment at this time.

Diplomat JD Jae, The other resident of the site of the accident, was fortunately absent from home when it occurred, returning in time to discover and report the tragedy. She too declined opportunity to comment.

Coincidentally, Dr Clix was also an associate of Valrek Valkar, recently found deceased on tay'ghoqor.

Dr Clix was unmarried, and had no known children.