Subject:And now, the news.

"...making it the third such case in two weeks. The goat farmer refused to comment and is expected to make a full recovery.

And in business news, the death of the majority shareholder of Space Research and Development Corporation - previously Star Supplies Incorporated - has caused the company's already shaky stock to plummet to an all time low. Valrek Valkar, formerly of Hellesport, was found dead today in what Kronos authorities are ruling 'death by misadventure'. He was 42 and leaves behind a wife and no children.

The purchase of Beta-Omega 12 Mining Station by Blek Enterprises has secured the last of the mining facilities in that sector for the Ferengi owned operation. When speaking to business correspondent Rowena Middleton, the director of Blek Enterprises, uDaon Blek of the Ferengi Alliance, had this to say about the purchase; 'I am a fabulously wealthy man. Do you find this attractive in a mate? I could pay you to'..."