Subject:OOR Attack Betazed!

Betazed burns, subject first to mass rioting and then attack by the black ships known only as OOR.

For weeks now, the planet has been subject to outbreaks of mass violence as the populace has been influenced by what can only be described as empathy-induced hysteria. More lucid Betazoids described it as a presence that permeated their very being and filled it with feelings of such anger and hostility. So intense was this feeling that the general populace began to act upon it, forcing the intervention of Starfleet to bring order back to Betazed's major metropolitan centers. As Starfleet Security acted to quell the violence in Betazed's streets, Starfleet's 18th Medical Fleet saught to treat the injured and try to discover the cause of what was first thought to be some sort of telepathic virus.

Then, two days ago, four of the massive black ships responsible for the destruction of Mars twenty years ago and the razing of Delkan IV and Narendra III appeared in orbit over Betazed. Sources say that the captain of the vessel in charge of the fleet, Captain Jessica Jameson of NCC-74666 James Maxwell, attempted negotiation with the alien ships moments before they opened fire on the planet.

All hands were lost aboard USS Gallantry, USS Saratoga and USS Excalibur as their crew sacrificed themselves in order to intercept the first volley of fire from the black ships. The 3rd Tactical fleet quickly engaged the OOR vessels, managing to cripple one of them and severely damage three before being utterly wiped out by hostile fire.

A second volley was launched, intercepted by fire from the James Maxwell and ships of the 18th Medical to the best of their abilities, but the volume of fire was too heavy for the small fleet to effectively manage. A number of the warheads impacted the surface of the planet, razing the ground for spans of hundreds of miles.

But the devastation was incomplete. For some reason unexplained, the assault was halted and the OOR vessels, despite odds heavily in their favor, retreated and vanished.

Starfleet is currently engaged in rescue and recovery operations and has yet to comment on this strange turn of events, but reports say that with the departure of the OOR vessels, the empathic hysteria on the planet has returned to more the more manageable levels felt throughout the quadrant.

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