Subject:Civil Unrest Sweeps Betazed

GIANNA, BETAZED - Two weeks ago, the Aana Medical Plaza, like many hospitals throughout the region, began receiving an influx of patients suffering a variety of psychological issues-- everything ranging from depression and suicidal behavior to more serious mental illnesses. Today, that facility no longer exists; only a tall pile of smoldering debris stands in its place.

Local law enforcement officials blame massive riots that have inexplicably torn through the city in waves. The rioters, mainly youth, are claiming to be upset over the lack of media coverage given to the recent wins of the Gianna Springball Championships, at least according to one eye-witness. Depression no longer seems to be at the forefront of Betazed minds-- today it's violence and turmoil.

Planetary officials declined to answer Galactic Enquirer's questions regarding the severity of the riots or the number of civilians injured or killed in the violence. UFP President T'Rhia spoke briefly on the topic this morning while visiting preschoolers on Berengaria, "I have asked Starfleet Command to look into the situation and dispatch medical and security units as necessary to maintain peace and civil order."

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