Subject:Romulan Sightings...

The holo-news transmission for this evening, started as usual by the catchy tune of the Galactic Enquirer, starts with a rather unexpected story. It is visible that the information given is still largely unconfirmed by all the most reliable sources, but the cast of the network went a long way in making it interesting enough to call it news, and attract more viewers.

The anchor, looking at the screen, speaks in a calm but urgent voice, as the seal of the Romulan Star Empire shows on a rotating axis in the background.

"Greetings, Alpha Quadrant. Today, in rather sudden and shocking revelations, two independent freighter captains have brought coinciding news. It appears the the fleet of the Romulan Empire has taken a significant interest in the area of Bajor and DS9. A frienzy of sub-space communication traffic was intercepted coming from the Romulan space, from the point nearest in distance to the planet Bajor. By DS9 itself, a reported meeting between a Romulan Warbird and a Dominion Cruiser took place, but we have no confirmation of this story."

As the melodic voices of suposedly recorded Romulan subspace messages play over the air, the anchor glances down at his datapad, reading more information that must have just appeared there. To those very few skilled in Romulan language, the interference is too severe for clear translation, but the tone of the speech is definitely military.

"The network is dedicated enough in bringing you the top stories to send an investigative vessel in the area. However, this decision is still under careful consideration, as the Romulans are known to destroy such vessels on sight. But questions remain. Is the Empire preparing an invasion of Bajor and DS9? After years of silence, this move seems rather sudden... but not unlike the Romulans at all. Or is there a secret pact between the Romulan Empire and the Dominion, that will bring about carving up the space right outside the territory of the United Federation of Planets. If so, where will it stop?"

The silence that follows is short lived, as other stories quickly take the primary agenda in the holo-broadcast. But those vessels sent to investigate either don't come back, should they come too close, or bring back confirmations of the preminitions of the Galactic Enquirer.