Subject:Orb Stolen by Robe-Wearing Thieves!

DEVORA, BAJOR - Reports out of Bajor tonight confirm that among the artifacts stolen in the recent Devora Shrine heist was the Bajoran Orb of Truth.

Security footage at the shrine confirms *image of a crowded shrine, rolls of smoke eminate from the first few rows of the congregation* that anestisene gas was dispersed over the crowd. Two hooded figures then stole the orb's container and transported away. Despite the fact that the thieves wore holy attire, the Bajoran Security Agency does not believe this to be an inside job.

The Bajoran Assembly has released a plea to the vandals, asking for return of the religious item. In addition, they are offering a 100 million credit reward for the return of the Orb or other cash rewards for information leading to the arrest of the persons responsible and the return of the artifact.

Anyone with leads is asked to contact Bajoran Security (*IC).