To:*Galactic-Enquirer and *Action-Notices
Subject:Hellesport Acquisition.

...After a series of major robberies on the planet's surface. Security chief Qgog N*PQek9 announced that he was looking for a suspect with one eye. If he fails to find him that way, he's going to try using both eyes.
In finance news today, the Farangi Alliance emerged victorious after a fierce bidding war with the PanHelles Corporation over ownership of 'New' Hellesport Station. A spokesman for the FA told reporters that they intend for the Station to maintain it's neutrality and re-establish the name Hellesport as a center for peaceful trade and commerce. The infamous 'Hellesport Council', long the target of jokes from this channel's favourite standup comedian Bobthimble Fooz, is to be immediately disbanded, and the Station's other current employees are advised to wait for further instruction pending a review of their performance. It should be interesting to see how this particular venture turns out.
And I've just been handed a late news bulletin. Apparently a cement mixer has collided with a van taking prisoners to jail in San Francisco. Security warns  residents to be on the lookout for sixteen hardened criminals.