Subject:Narendra III Falls!

Just hours ago, the following distress call went out over general hailing frequencies:

"Narendra III: Mayday, mayday. Narendra III planetary control to the Hubbeq fleet. We are under attack by hostile forces. Repeat, we are under attack but hostile--- *static*"

Now, the Klingon world, on the edge of the neutral zone lies in ruin, in much the same manner as the Romulan world of Delkan IV.

*video displays the scene, a planet of gray ash. A sharp and nausiating pan focuses on a number of glittering specs in orbit, zooming in the extreme to reveal a fleet of Romulan Pi scouts and D'Deridex Warbirds holding formation in a standoff with a fleet of Klingon B'rel class and K'vort class Birds-of-Prey. A fleet of Vor'chas drops out of warp, forming up with the rest of their brethren.*

Reports indicate that the Romulans responded and lended aid to the Klingon defense ships, and it seems that the unknown ship has been neutralized. Now, however, it's hard to say whether the Romulan gesture was strictly benevolent or whether they intend to remain a foothold in Klingon space. How long the Klingons intend to allow them to remain in the system before violence erupts is unknown.

GNN will continue to report further developments.