Subject:And in other news...

..meaning that the representatives and their guards were forced to walk home naked and covered in a thick, sticky substance. Risan officials declined to comment.

In other news, a Federation shuttle was found adrift today just outside of the Federations boarders, near Krellix Sigma III, not far from the area that several trader ships were found destroyed. The vessel contained a single body, apparently the victim of rapid decompression due to weapons fire. The victim has been identified as a Lt. Commander Jabari Johnson, a Starfleet officer who went missing over a year ago, and was assumed to be mentally unstable. He leaves behind no family and will be given a military burial, to be conducted on the USS Warrigul, overseen by Captain Lynsey Christiansen.

Now to sport, and Betazoid, where the semi-finals for the intra-galactic P-S-R circuit have met with claims of cheating, with the Betazoids winning their practice rounds against all comers, aside from the Ferengi contestants....