Subject:Mass Cardassian Protests

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Mass protests have erupted across Cardassian space over the past week, with demonstrators filling public squares, surrounding civic buildings, and barricading the Federation embassy on Cardassia Prime. Although remaining nonviolent, protesters are demanding an immediate withdrawal of Federation forces from Cardassian territory.

Some may recall several years back a war between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets that resulted in Cardassian defeat and occupation. Subsequently, a list of conditions were set forth by the Federation President and ruling Council for Cardassian sovereignty to be restored. The conflict, sparked after the illegitimate seizure of the Cardassian government by its military branch (the Madrasad), was ended with the restoration of Cardassian civilian power.

During the past year free elections have occurred throughout the Cardassian Union. Cardassian Madrasad fleet production has re-commenced, and Federation autonomy has been granted to most Union worlds. Nevertheless, Starfleet maintains a presence inside Cardassian borders.

Guldrohmched Virant has been quoted as saying, "I believe it is time for the United Federation of Planets to restore full sovereignty to the Cardassian people. We no longer require Starfleet to keep the peace or protect us from would-be invaders. A new, freely elected government has been instated, our military is sufficiently capable of our defense, and our economy is quite stable. All conditions set forth by the Federation after the war have been met."

Civil authorities have concurred with the Guldrohmched's recent remarks, locking step and requesting that the Federation Council enact legislation to begin withdrawal of its forces. "It is time for the Cardassian Union to belong to the Cardassian people, again." stated Legate Sorvat, "We no longer represent a threat to Federation or our neighbors."

The President of the United Federation of Planets was not immediately available for comment. However, GNN was informed by his office that a statement would be issued shortly on the matter. Concurrently, Council Member Tir'al of Vulcan has already introduced a bill capable of re-establishing the Cardassian Union as a free and independent entity. He speculates the new bill will be put to a vote in the coming months.