Subject:Attack on shipping.

A civilian cargo transport made a lucky escape, today, after managing to narrowly escape being captured, or worse, by a what eyewitnesses describe as a 'Dominion style warship'. The warship, whose origin has so far remained unconfirmed, appeared out of a nebula which it had been hiding in and destroyed the trader's escort with no warning or chance for surrender.

The captain of the freighter, who has asked not to be named, said that their sensors then detected a drop in power from the attacking craft, possibly a result of it's extended stay in the nebula. This engineering fault allowed the freighter to jump to maximum warp, putting some distance between it and the threat.

Officials are still investigating the attack and its possible connection to alleged Dominion activity near Hellesport, approximately a year ago. The attack itself occurred near the Krellix Sigma III outpost.