Subject:On the lighter side...

"...And while the mud-baths haven't been entirely submurged, it is anticipated that if something isn't done soon, Tellar's pot-industry could be in real trouble." the Terran news-anchor smiles brightly. "Wouldn't that be a shame. Here on GNN, of course, we don't advocate action of any kind; we just bring you the news--like this broadcast from the Romulans, freshly received by our newsdesk. Thirty-two hours a day, we work to bring you the latest. Remember: it's not just a rumor if you heard it on GNN."

The screen briefly blanks, and then is replaced by the sigil of the Rihannsu Star Empire: green on black, a bird of prey seems on the verge of mantling, two orbs held protectively in its talons. The screen blanks again, then--sitting between a nondescript desk awash in sombre green lighting, a Rihannsu diplomat who some might know as Enllairhi t'Jhihansu inclines her head slightly towards the viewing device. The apparently middle-aged woman's face bears a Vulcan's calm and her voice is quiet, melodic.
"Greetings. Because the Empire knows that the existence of the one named Shiloh Christiansen from the emael--" she pauses. "The 'mirror-universe' causes worry to some, I have been instructed to inform you of her death."
She pauses briefly, her eyes, for a moment, half-closed. "Recognizing her identity, and knowing that there is much we still do not know of the realm beyond the singularity, we took her in for questioning. She escaped a short time later. This may surprise you.. it certainly surprised us." One of the corners of her mouth tilts slightly upwards, the expression wry. "It would seem that she was the possessor of certain mutations which made her formidable indeed; I warn you that she may not be the only one from that place who was thus gifted. --The vessel in which she made her escape, however, was ill-equipped to stand up to a t'liss. In the process of its disabling, it sustained a hull breach, and she-who-was-not-Shiloh died. In light of the ship which recently exited the apparently reactivated rift, I wish I had more news to give to you, more knowledge to share. As it is, I would advise caution. These are beings from another place, no matter their resemblance to those of our realm; we can make few assumptions concerning them."
The Enllairhi stands and bows her head slightly towards the recording device. "I welcome questions from the ambassadors of peoples who would know more--though I have scarcely more to tell. Fare well." Glancing off to the right, she speaks a quiet, aspirated word: "Ta'khoi."

The screen blanks, then returns to the bright-faced announcer. "I wonder whether the Ambassador realizes how many calls from crankpots she'll be getting over the next few days. Not that I'm suggesting anything of the kind." She winks. "Well, make of that what you will, folks: Shiloh Christiansen's double is dead, but your double could still be out there somewhere, signing you up for cred-chips: now that the anomaly's back in business, none of us can be sure. Speaking of surity: how can you tell that your beloved is really of the species that he or she claims? We'll let the experts tell you, right after the newest installment of the Galatic Thriller 'The Q'."