Subject:FDC Press Conference re: UFP-RSE Diplomatic Conference

*The Federation Diplomatic Corps emblem hangs in front of a dark blue curtain above an slightly elevated stage. A podium is positioned at the front facing several rows of chairs. Several reporters and journalists converse, waiting for the press conference to begin.*

*A stocky Andorian male takes the stage and stands behind the podium. He waits for the room to become quiet.*

"Greetings, Citizens of the Federation. I am Envoy Scroop. Ambassador Horatio has prepared the following statement regarding the recently completed diplomatic conference with the Rihannsu Stelam Empire."

"A Federation Diplomatic Corps delegation accompanied by the Starfleet crew of USS Trentino traveled to Deletham Ssaedhe station on two separate occasions. We were greeted with hospitality and respect by all Rihannsu encountered. During our stay, we were granted access to the public areas of the station. The conference was attended by Ambassador Horatio, Diplomat Erpingham and Envoy Scroop from the United Federation of Planets. The Rihannsu delegation included khre'Enriov Mandukar, Ambassador t'Jhihansu and Entallan tr'Fhrei as well as others."

"A cultural exchange of visual art was enacted. In the near future, simultaneous exhibitions of Terran and Rihannsu art will be open to the general public. The Rihannsu art will be displayed on Earth; Federation art will be located at a gallery in the Rihannsu home system."

"Matters of military protocol were discussed with a preliminary accord reached regarding the Federation-Rihannsu Neutral Zone."

"Finally, trade negotiations were opened. It was agreed that commerce between Federation and Rihannsu merchants would take place on Hellesport station. Details will be forthcoming once specific trade contracts have been formalized."

"Ambassador Horatio is very pleased with the results of what he hopes is the first of many conferences between the United Federation of Planets and the Rihannsu Stelam Empire."

*Envoy Scroop looks up from his notes.*

"I can only echo the Ambassador's comments. As part of the diplomatic team, I am proud to have been a part of this historic event. If further information is desired, feel free to contact the Federation Diplomatic Corps offices on Terra."

*Envoy Scroop folds his notes and leaves the stage. The lights dim and the press conference concludes.*