To:*Galactic-Enquirer and *Rihannsu-News
Subject:Death of a Leader.

The hru'hfirh of s'Khnialmnae, Vrihtaev ir'Vranthi tr'Khnialmnae, was found dead today, suffering from an accidental fatal stabbing, compounded by severe blood poisoning.

The hru'hfirh was the leader of s'Khnialmnae during one of its most successful periods, though it has slipped into a slight decline following his retirement from service in the Galae, in which he held the rank of Enriov.

The control of the household appears to be in dispute for the moment, with the position of hru'hfirh being possibly claimed by erei'Enriov Shihaya ir-Apnex t'Khnialmnae of the Galae, Hrussu V'rahaek ir-Rhei'llhne tr'Khnialmnae of the Arrhe-aevr and Entallan Terrh'ih i'Ra'tleihfi tr'Khnialmnae of the Tal Shiar. At this stage, none of the contenders for the position were available for comment.

Re'aelan i'Mhiessan t'Caemosar, Rihannsu Stelam Aevumih correspondent.