Subject:Tholian Assembly Moves Fleets

GNN has recently received information that the Tholian Assembly, an empire composed of a silicon-based lifeform that exists near to the Federation and Gorn Confederation, has re-allocated much of its fleet away from its Federation border. This marks a sudden and unpredicted change in policy for them, seeing that Starfleet Academy still regularly runs simulations for its cadets with Tholian encounters, and Tholian vessels are routinely observed pushing into Federation space. Indeed, it was not more than three years ago that a territorial dispute occurred over several neighboring star-systems.

Where the Tholians have withdrawn their fleets to remains the greatest mystery, one that GNN has yet to ascertain the answer to. A small Tholian contingent, comprising of a Tholian Dominator class battleship and several Tholian Scouts were witnessed in the Klingon-Romulan neutral zone, and docking at Hellesport station. Their appearance in the region may provide an explanation for their strange behavior. Additionally, a Tholian envoy was spotted entering the Hellesport Rihannsu embassy with none-other than the infamous erei-Enriov Shihaya ir-Apnex t'Khnialmnae.

What these eye-witness accounts exactly spell-out, GNN has yet to determine. Nevertheless, we have top experts working on the matter and hope to provide you, our audience, with new information regarding this odd Tholian posturing.