Subject:Election results, 2381!

With the string of controversial Presidents since past, one would think the race for the next President of the Federation would have generated more interest, but in this reporter's opinion, this has been the most low key election in the last 50 years.

With past Presidents inciting conflicts, womanising and seeking galactic domination, the nominations of the four candidates seems to have gone mostly unmentioned and the voting by the council all but ignored, possibly owing to the arrival of the Klingon vessel through the Hellesport Anomaly two days before the candidates were announced.

When the votes were tallied, a startling seventy six point four of the votes were for Vulcan conservative candidate, T'Riah. T'Riah, a sixty four year old member of the Federation Diplomatic corps, has been a vocal opposition to the past two presidents, her own platform mostly based on how dissimilar her own governing would be to that of past Presidents such as Ashton Grumac or Captain Ethan Harker.

Incumbent T'Riah will be sworn in next week.