Subject:Tyrellia under attack

The GNN logo appears on your screen for the afternoon newsflash. The images changes to that of an attractively dressed young Terran woman, sitting behind a desk. In the corner over her left shoulder is a small screen that shows what appears to be ruins of some kind.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen," the brunette begins in the neutral tone common to all news readers. "After the destruction of Deep Space 27 a week ago, another attack on Federation citizens took place this morning on the planet Tyrellia, close to the Klingon Neutral Zone. Tyrellia was formerly a planet of the United Federation of Planets, but has been conquered by Klingon Forces several years ago. Since then, a minority of Federation citizens have peacefully cohabited there with their conquerors. Until today. We will switch to our reporter, Joshua Carpenter, who is live on Tyrellia."

The small image over the brunette's shoulder grows and quickly fills the entire screen. The reporter, a Terran in his mid-thirties, is now visible. Dark smoke rises from the buildings behind him and people, both Klingons and Federation citizens, seem to be looking for something in the ruins.

"Thank you, Stella. I am standing right now in front of the elementary school of Tyrellia's capital city which has been completely destroyed during the terrible attack that took place at 11 am local time. According to an official police statement, all people that have been in the building when the attack occured, that is, several hundred children, their teachers and other staff, have been killed. The atmosphere among the parents is desperate, as you can certainly imagine. They are, for the most part, still shocked over the loss of their children. Others, mostly the Klingon parents, are seething."

The reporter is replaced by another image, a close-up to the terrible pile of stones that once - only a few hours ago - was a rather nice building with children laughing and, especially, living. Dozens of people are searching around in the ruins, sometimes discovering a little hand or part of a leg, but mostly, it is impossible to determine any more. It was probably a direct hit.

The image changes again, now to a shot taken out of some air vehicle that flies over a city. A city in ruins.

"As you can see, the school was only a small part of the damage done. The planet's main power grid was also almost entirely destroyed as were the plants that could have delivered the spare parts for the repairs."

Joshua Carpenter appears on screen once again. "Thousands are dead. Tens of thousands are injured. The people, Federation citizens and Klingons alike, are angry, upset and close to rebellion against the Klingon government that attacked them in such a hideous manner, and against the Federation for not protecting them from the Klingon conquerors. Many have lost everything and with the main power grid offline and the approaching winter, more people will suffer. This was Joshua Carpenter for GNN News, live from Tyrellia."

"Thank you, Joshua," Stella takes over and the image becomes small again and finds its place over her shoulder, showing once again the destroyed elementary school. "Right after the attack, we have intercepted a message, obviously coming from the attacker directed at another ship, both, judging from their names, Klingon. This is the message." The news reader looks into the camera and at that exact moment, the message is sent.

"yIvwI', teHtIq reports mission complete. Returning to prearranged coordinates."

There is a pause of several seconds for the message to sink in and for the spectators to understand what this means. Then Stella is back again. "We are still awaiting comments from both, the Klingon government and the Federation, concerning this message and their next steps concerning this attack."

The expression on the brunette's face brightens up a tiny little bit as the image over her shoulder changes to a more pleasant one. "The intergalactic soccer association has declared today..."