Subject:Deep Space 27 in Ruins!

Your regularly scheduled programming is interrupted by a Galactic News Network special bulletin. The GNN logo flashes briefly on the screen, then switches to a view of space, shifting in and out of focus, obviously shot through the window of a small spacecraft with a hand-held holovid-recorder.

"This is N. Peter Carlson reporting from the outer territories of the United Federation of Planets at the last known corridinates of the free trade station designated Deep Space 27. Less than one-half hour ago the station sent out a general distress call signalling that it was under attack from an unknown assailant. And now... nothing but debris remains."

The camera's focus adjusts again, and at first it seems that it is looking at only more stars. But as is pans, a number of small cargo vessels comes into view, and it becomes apparent that the dull sparkles among them are tiny bits of station tumbling through space. "As you can see, the destruction is complete. There's no chance that anyone, anything could have survived this. There's-- one second. I see something else."

The camera pans quickly, dizzyingly, and zooms and focuses on a dark patch of space. At first it's hard to make anything out, but the slow realization is that it's dark because something there is blotting out the stars. Something large, and growing larger as its matte-black hull scythes through the void.

It's obvious from the rather shaky photography that whatever it is, it's causing the reporter a great deal of duress. "It.. it looks like some kind of ship... my God, it's huge! It's entering the debris field and--"

Suddenly there's bright flashes of yellow light, and the cargo carriers begin to explode, one after another.

"Oh my God! We're under attack! Mayday! May--" A bright flash right in the camera's line of sight, then the signal terminates, replaced by the GNN test pattern.