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And now, for todays headlines:

A recent report has come to light of a 'classified' prisoner exchange aboard Hellesport station that occurred nearly a month ago. Leaked by GNN sources, the report confirms that the station once played host to a Changeling, a 'Founder' of the Dominion. Purportedly, the station's governing body, and its respective empires, knew about the prisoner. Many within the two quadrants (alpha and beta) have long suspected that following the Dominion's defeat at the critical battle of Stronghold station, and the subsequent skirmishes that were believed to have eliminated the Dominion fleet, Dominion refugees remained in our sector. Indeed, the GQ wormhole's collapse has spurred this hypothesis, with many arguing that these refugees, now trapped, may be seeking a desperate, perhaps, dangerous method of returning home to the gamma quadrant. The report, filed by Hellesport security over their captured Changeling, substantiates these deepest fears. Somehow, through means still unknown, Dominion refugees learned about the Changeling held aboard Hellesport station. The report claims a Vorta, by the name of Seyoun, was sent as an emissary to negotiate the Changeling's release. Interestingly, the Changeling claimed to have no memory of its origins, or its name; a reason, the Vorta cited, to quickly transfer it into Dominion care. Constable R'rhuar, who maintained custody of the Changeling, and station-commander Shra'Hawk, who oversaw the exchange, agreed finally to the Changeling's release  the Vorta having delivered veiled threats to both, with station personnel reporting Jem'Hadar being transiently spotted throughout the station. How the Dominion refugees have managed to clone so many new Jem'Haadar, let alone feed their insatiable appetite for Ketracel White, is an utter enigma. Furthermore, the Dominion refugees' obfuscated patrons seem to be quite generous. No Dominion vessel was ever detected; yet, the operation nevertheless occurred. Hellesport senior staffed suspect a cloaked vessel might have been used.

In an unrelated story, Breen Frigates have been observed with increased frequency making visits and refueling stops at Hellesport station. Keeping to themselves when aboard, their numbers have been steadily growing as they appear to be following some mysterious trade or privateering route through the Klingon-Romulan neutral zone, to their undeclared destination. Breen Frigates, which possess Breen cloaking devices, are thought to be formidable pirates; however, no increased pirating activity has been reported within the region, suggesting the Breen may be up to a far more sinister mission. GNN will keep the public apprised to any breaking news concerning this escalating oddity.

Tonight's final story concerns a civilian freelance scientist, Joseph Stalin Farner, the man responsible for closing the Hellesport mirror-universe anomaly, and the mentally unstable Starfleet officer Commander Jabari Johnson. Both have been reported missing by close friends and relatives. Farner disappeared enroute from Hellesport to Earth, along with his highly experienced pilot. No leads have developed as to his whereabouts. Johnson; however, is presumed dead after flying into the spatial region where the Hellesport anomaly was last detected. There is no known cause, yet, for Johnson's disappearance.

This concludes GNN's headlines review.