*The camera shows Vork Jarnol in front of the seal of the UFP*

Fellow Citizens of the United Federation of Planets,

Before the lampoons and digs from a Starfleet Captain who should know better begin, let me state there is no campaign from me. I will not be seeking re-election, so Mr Harker can turn his dirty tricks against someone who cares about his immoral stance upon campaigning. I know who I will vote for but that is my prerogative. At this time I am seeking the appointment of former Hellesport Chief Medical Officer Shiloh as my Vice President.

Since taking power due to my running mates....problems....I have rather unsuccessfully attempted to mend the rift between our people and the Rihannsu. All ti has cost me is a good friend, and to that friend I apologise. Politics is not my game, it never was. I joined the race as Grumac's vice president in order to ensure that Starfleet was not forgotten, to ensure we did not end up fighting wars on many fronts or let ourselves be nibbled upon by outside forces. I am a soldier, and they say Soldiers make the worse politicians.

Consequently, upon the confirmation of Shiloh, I am resigning my presidency in the UFP. She will be the caretaker President until the elections are over, and hopefully she will seek election as President in those elections due to her skills and talent in diplomacy and her compassion.

I can only hope the Citizens of the UFP recognise her greatness as many of her friends and colleagues have.

To her I say...I am sorry to leave you in this situation with so much left to do, but we must all serve the federation sometime.

To Mister Harker and any other candidate who shall come forward, let us ensure this is a fair election and one without lampooning or dirty tricks campaign. To attempt to bring low someone like Shiloh is not just an immoral act of a corrupt and black heart but a crime against the innocence of the universe. The people will not stand for it. I will not stand for it.

To the people of the UFP....thank you. From the bottom of my heart I thank you and hope that you can find prosperity, happiness and a bright future.

Thank you all


*The camera fades out and returns to the main news desk*