Subject:Federation-Rihannsu Conference

Diplomat Corin stands behind a podium on a raised dias. Behind him hangs the seal of the Federation Diplomatic Corps. Diplomat Corin wears the Diplomatic Corps uniform of dark grey material trimmed simply with silver accents along the seams. He addresses a small gathering of reporters and journalists.

"Greetings, citizens of the Federation. I am happy to report that the first of several planned conferences with the Rihannsu Star Empire has concluded. The subject of the conference was a cultural exchange between our people and the Rihannsu. A proposal for an exchange of visual art was drawn up and is being considered by both governments. The artworks would be displayed on Terra and a location to be specified by the Rihannsu authorities. The exhibitions would be open to the general public."

Diplomat Corin clears his throat and continues, "Ambassador Horatio led the diplomatic team to Deletham station. The crew of the FDC ship Trentino was granted access to the public areas of the Rihannsu station. The diplomatic entourage was met by khre'Enriov Mandukar and several officials of the Rihannsu military and government."

"The Federation Diplomatic Corps is pleased that this initial meeting was conducted with positive results and looks forward to the conference's continuation in the near future. Thank you for you attention."

Diplomat Corin folds his notes, places them into his tunic and steps away from the microphone and waves as he exits through a side door.