Subject:Hellesport Incompetance?

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"Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and neuters. We interrupt 'Survivor 766: Qa'toK Islands' to bring you a special GNN Expose from Hellesport Station. We turn now to our in-the-field reporter, Mandy Freeman."

"Thanks, Mitch. In the past 24 hours, GNN has received exclusive copies of what can only be described as scandelous reports of inadequate management of station security. The two reports were filed within hours of each other, one from a Rihannsu-Hellesport legal expert and one from a Klingon military officer. Both reports seem to take direct aim at Hellesport's Chief Security Advisor, Constable R'rhuar." The young reporter is standing in front of a door labeled 'MCA Security' as the scene fades to two documents, only the highlighted portions are readable. Mandy reads them aloud as well:

"The first complaint seems to be describing an interaction that an official had with the Constable, he says, '...I attempted to contact R'rhuar via my communicator... When I made the call he hung up on me, twice. It was then that I attempted to raise him via the station's intercom. This time I was completely ignored... he dismissed me rather rudely, asking me to leave. It was at this time that I made my request for information. Again I was dismissed and asked to leave. After this, I attempted to clarify with him if he had understood my instructions. He refused to acknowledge them, and attempted to have me escorted from his office by the guards.' "

"The second complaint is a response to a list of charges that Constable R'rhuar handed out to a Klingon military official, he rebutted all of the charges, claiming some of them are not even laws on the books at Hellesport. He summed up his complaint with, 'To the council, I implore you to do something about R'rhuar. He seems to be out of control, with no regard for the law.' "

"While station command was not available for comment, Constable R'rhuar did make these comments about his job duty in general, 'I have upheld the laws of this Station, from the day I was appointed to be its CSA. Obviously certain individuals feel that I have not been doing my job, but I think the record will show that crime rates are down, and that Hellesport is a safe station, one in which you can walk around without fear of attack.' R'rhuar was not able to comment on specific allegations because he had not been privledged to information contained in the reports at the time of writing."

"Constable R'rhuar also took the opportunity to deny all allegations that the station is run by evil Vulcans or that the Andorian Militia has been unjustly persecuted in the recent past. He did confirmed rumors that a Changeling had been captured on the station, but that it had returned peacefully to the Dominion."

"Stay tuned to GNN for further updates on this developing story. Mandy Freeman, Galactic News Network."

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