Subject:Klingon Unrest?

The following report was received from internal Klingon news sources:

Quin'lat Province, Qo'noS --

Mercenaries of House q'taQ decended on the compound of High Council member Kurg epetaI' chuleH, patriarch of House Kurg, beginning a skirmish that began at dawn and lasted late into the afternoon, culminating in a fight to the death between Kurg and q'taQ's leader, la'quv loS zhantaI' q'taQ, which saw the la'quv severely wounded and Kurg dead.

A spokesman for House q'taQ claimed the assault was part of a long-due act of revenge in retaliation for the senseless butchery of the b'vayn bloodline, of which the la'quv is the sole survivor, but critics of House q'taQ charge that the challenge was simply a device to create an artificial vacancy on the High Council to futher loS la'quv's campaign for a seat of power. Kurg was known to be a long-time supporter of "Mad" Krotoc's regime-- which called for the mass execution of House b'vayn-- even through the civil war which led to the Qang's ousting. The la'quv himself was unwilling to comment.

It is unknown at this time whether House q'taQ shall absorb the considerable military assets of House Kurg or whether Kurg epetaI''s heir, KurgHom, shall be allowed to retain them.

At the time of report, no successor has been named for Kurg's seat on the High Council, but for critics it is almost certain that the la'quv shall make a bid for it himself. The Empire watches and waits.


The Klingon Empire has long been known for turning in upon itself during times of international peace when it has no clearly defined enemy. Could this act be a sign of growing tension within the Empire? How long before it once again erupts into full civil war? Only time shall tell.