Subject:|Andor Militia Persists

*** The GNN flashes quickly across the screen and glows a steady green ***
A new brash reporter begins with the top story,
   "Greetings.  The news tonight is coming in quickly at this hour and we
here at GNN have obtained exclusive material related to the recent
prisoner fiasco unfolding aboard the U.S.S. Bruce Campbell.  
   Through a trusted source (who will remain anonymous), GNN has learned that
the Andor Militia has begun a concerted effort to reach the Andorian
political prisoner before the parties involved comlete the transfer of
the captive to the Ferengi Alliance.
   Other sources here at GNN have reason to believe that the prisoner,
recently identified as former Commander Shran of the Andorian Military,
is currently being held at Hellesport, awating his undecided fate.
   GNN will keep you updated as this matter unfolds.  Please stay glued
to your receivers for the next important update!"

*** The camera zooms out and refocuses on the shiny GNN logo ***