Subject:Response from Andorian Government

** The ticker across the bottom of the screen displays in red letters: OFFICIAL RESPONSE FROM ANDORIAN GOVERNMENT **

The music is cued, and GNNs service logo spins upon the screen.


The familiar face of Ted Wangle greets the viewers from his desk, his face neutral as always.

"The Andorian government contacted us today to release the following statement"

The video flickers to reveal an Andorian man behind a podium.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

The Andorian Government would like to take this opportunity to dispel all rumours that the parties claiming to represent the 'Andorian Militia' are in any way connected with Andorian Government.

The Andorian Government would also like to express that its only desire regarding 'Shran' is to see him treated fairly and in accordance with his galacticly recognised rights and freedoms.

We remain, as always, a loyal member world of the United Federation of Planets."

The video ends, and Ted's mug is displayed once more.

"And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. This has been Ted Wangle with GNN news."

GNN : Laying disinformation to burnination.