Subject:Hellesport Statement

***The Hellesport Logo appears and rotates once before fading out and being replaced by the face of a young Rihannsu Male adorned in an HP Commanders Uniform***

The Rihannsu pauses for a moment, apparently waiting for a cue. "Greetings, I am Commander Havraha, the Rihannsu Security Advisor for Hellesport Station. It has come to my attention that there are some grievances from the Andorian Government regarding one of our current arrests. I would like to make an official statement on this matter." He pauses turning his head to the camera on his right. "The Andorian in question, a Mr. Shran, is wanted for crimes on Hellesport Station. He has been accused of theft and burglary on Hellesport Station. Mr. Shran will be detained until a full investigation can be conducted and we can determine wether or not he is guilty of these crimes. If not, then you have my assurance we will return him to you unharmed. If so then he will be tried by the council that governs Hellesport Station."

In regards to the matter concerning Ferengi space. You have the apologies of the station that the matter was not taken care of as proffessionally as it should have been. We pride ourselves in doing things efficiently, and it would seem that this time we failed to do so. We ask the Ferengi government for forgiveness in this matter." Havraha returns to the original camera. "If anyone has any further questions they can relay them to the Hellesport Station Commander, or the Chief Security Advisor."

***Once again the Hellesport Logo appears and rotates once before fading out to black***