Subject:[Shran: **MILITIA RESPONDS**]

From:     Shran
To:       *Galactic-Enquirer-Submissions
When:     1:13 am, Friday, October 22, 2004
** The ticker on the botom reads **ANDOR MILITIA RESPONDS**
The music is cued, and GNNs service logo swooshes by the screen.
The anchor begins immediately into the latestest development.
"This is Ted Wangle, with GNN, and we have just received a subspace
statement coming in from the Andor Militia which reads as follows:
'We, members of the Andor Militia, are outraged by the recent attempt
of the Federation starship U.S.S. Bruce Campbell to hold one of our
high-ranking members without just cause. We demand that the prisoner
abducted on Ferenginar and against his will shall be turned over to us
immediately.  This is not a request.'
So there you have it, folks.  The Andorian Militia is apparantly rearing
its head again from deep space and stirring things up in the quadrant
again.  Our listeners might be familiar with this radical faction, a
direct product of Andorian Military Intelligence that operates mainly
autonomous from the official Andor Army.
When contacted for comment, the Andorian Army declined to even
acknowledge the Militia's existence.  They seem to be keeping a tight
lid on this matter.
Futher developments may follow as GNN and me, Ted Wangle, keep all of
our audience well informed.
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