Subject:UFP - FA Incident

** The ticker  across the bottom  of the screen displays  in red letters: FEDERATION VESSELS BANNED FROM FERENGI SPACE **

The music is cued, and GNNs service logo spins upon the screen.


The anchor looks up, his placid face and emotionless gaze exposed to his audience.

Greetings. This is Ted Wangle, with GNN. Today the Ferengi government released footage of the Federation starship U.S.S. Bruce Campell twice violating its borders without proper clearance.  Additionally, communication transcripts were filed with the Federation Council and a suit of grievance brought against the Campell s captain and her crew.

The leader of the Ferengi Alliance, Grand Nagus Zek, was quoted as saying: What s this universe coming to when you cant trust one of your closest business partners anymore?  

What is he referring to you ask? Hes referring to what the Ferengi are calling the scandalous kidnapping by the U.S. Bruce Campell of a prisoner held upon Ferenginar.  

At 22:14 hours, the Campell was reported having illegally transported a prisoner to their ship that they had previously requested to be turned-over. This transport occurred after the Campells request had been unequivocally denied: a Ferengi represenative citing the need to go through formal diplomatic channels for any type of prisoner extradition. Subsequently, in a display of unusual duplicity, the Campell hailed Ferengi channels once more, requesting to enter Ferengi space to rendevous with a Commander purportedly on Ferenginar. Permission was granted, and this excursion was used to penetrate Ferengi security systems and obtain the prisoner in question.

With a diplomatic complaint filed with the Federation Council over this intergalactic incident,  speculators are uncertain what souring relations between the Ferengi Alliance and the Federation may spell if this issue is not quickly addressed and remedied. Already, those with assets at stake have begun lobbying Council members over immediate punitive actions within Starfleet against those responsible.

GNN will keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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The GNN logo reappears over the anchor as he bows his head.