Subject:It's eleven o'clock.

..leaving them to eat it, as it was their only form of sustenance. The survivors said it tasted like chicken.

In other news, the triumvirate council for the newly established New Hellesport Station has been announced. The council, comprised of two members from the Romulan Empire, two from the Klingon Empire and two from the United Federation of Planets, will oversee the running of the station, advising and instructing the station commander and his staff.

The members at this time are, for the RSE, khre'Enriov Shihaya ir-Apnex t'Khnialmnae and Hrussu V'rahaek ir-Rhei'llhne tr'Khnialmnae; for the KE, Amitri veStaI' Jay'naS and qeyla' Duy'a' and for the UFP, Captain Ethan Harker and J. D, Jae.

Former Klingon High Council member, Shra'Hawk epetaI' Tarnok, has been appointed Station Commander and it seems that there has been a steady stream of staff from the original Hellesport Station heading to the station, looking to reestablish themselves, filling the voids left by the removal of the original residents of the station.

In sporting news, the Centauri Seven Phoenixes have lost their bid to for a place in the finals of the zero-gravity volley ball championships...