Subject:Press Conference

The image of former UFP President and Starfleet Fleet Admiral Kyle Richards appears on the screen.  He begins to speak immediately:

"Greetings fellow citizens of the Federation and of the galaxy.  This press conference has been called to announce my medical retirement from active service in Starfleet.  I have been advised that this is the best alternative for me, and therefore I will accept this decision.  I have been approached and have agreed to accept a position as a Liasion between the Federation governemnt and the Fleet itself.  I believe that, given my past experience, I will be able to effectively serve in this capacity.  That is all."

The image fades and is replaced by the image of FNN newscaster Morley Rather.

"Rather stunning news from the Federation today.  As many of you will remember, just over two years ago, then Fleet Admiral Richards disappeared without a trace during a news conference to announce a new weapon.  He was found about a year later, but apparantely never has been able to fully recover from injuries sustained during his abduction.  Details of the abduction have never been released and Starfleet considers the matter classified.   That is all for this special report.  Good day."