Subject:President missing. Space blamed.

>>The camera pans across what at first looks like a small fleet or possibly a battle about to get underway. Ships of all sorts are gathered in a wide ring; Federation, Romulan, Klingon and even one or two that most people wouldn't recognise. All the ships seem focussed on one point in space though, as opposed to being focussed on the annihilation of their opposing number.<<

The shot pulls back to show a reporter standing on the observation deck of a ship, the space scene still visible behind him.
"What began as a minor science mission has turned into one of the largest peace time mobilisations in recent history as a space anomaly has seemingly claimed at least three ships in the Romulan-Klingon Neutral Zone. Reports are still sketchy at this time, but Starfleet has confirmed the disappearance of its flagship, the USS James Maxwell, as well as one other Starfleet ship that eyewitnesses claim to be the Presidential ship, Starfleet one.

"Eyewitnesses also claim that anywhere from one to seven other ships have also been claimed by this as yet unclassified anomaly, and not just Starfleet ships either. The presence of Romulan and Klingon ships in the area that are seemingly assisting in efforts to recover the lost ships suggests that those governments have also suffered at the hands of this spacial disturbance and Starfleet is yet to confirm if there is an expectation of any survivors.

"The recent arrival at the scene of what is reported to be a Tholian scout ship has lead some to claim that this rift is the result of Tholian dimensional shifting, but that is at this time speculation. While Starfleet has advised all ships in the area to avoid approaching the anomaly directly, we will be attempting to manoeuvre in for a closer look at what may be the cause of death for recently elected Federation President, Ashton Grumac, Ethan Harker, past president of the Federation and Captain of the USS James Maxwell and countless others."

The camera once again zooms in on the slight shimmer in space that is the focal point of the massing of ships and in the background, a comms officer can be heard arguing with someone about the media's right to get as close as they like to whatever they like.

"As you can see, the anomaly seems to react to the presence of our own ship, emitting a dazzling display of light that was reported to have been the last thing seen before the- Oh my God! We're about to be-" *static*

>>The picture cuts to a happy, smiling, cartoon technician who says in a bubbly voice, "We're having some technical problems. We'll be right back after these messages!"<<