Subject:Krellix Sigma III Shipyards Attacked

*** GNN Breaking News ***

Just minutes ago GNN received information confirming that an explosion has occurred aboard the U.S.S. Northstar, an Ambassador Class starship in mid-construction at the Krellix Sigma III shipyards within the United Federation of Planets. Several engineers working on the vessel have been reported dead, and a dozen or so people injured by the blast. The starship, itself, has been completely destroyed, obliterating weeks of hard work. Additional news has yet to be made available by Starfleet Command.

Accompanying this act, GNN also has received an untraceable text-only message, claiming responsibility for both the nuclear detonation on Bajor, at Tarel, and the explosion at the Krellix Sigma III shipyards. A freedom-fighting group, going by the innocuous name "Cardassian Brothers for Liberation" has issued a statement taking sole responsibility for the heinous acts. In their letter, they demand a "complete and prompt withdraw of all Federation forces currently occupying Cardassian space, the former Demilitarized Zone, and Bajor, as well as a return of full sovereignty to the Cardassian Union." They threaten, "that if a withdraw is not made punctually, many more shall die, further soaking Starfleets hands in the innocents blood." They profess, that "the deeds done thus far have been but a sample of our resolve and strength. Worse atrocities will soon followmuch worse."

What that final sentence precisely means is a mystery even to GNNs own expert analysts, who acknowledge the possibility that rogue weapons of mass destruction from the former Madrasad regime may be floating around in the hands of separatist groups and terrorists seeking to take advantage of their availability for nefarious purposes. Time will ultimately give the answer, and the Federations reply.