Subject:Explosion on Bajor

*** GNN Special Report ***

< Charred bodies fill the screen for a brief second, piled upon one another, barely recognizable as humanoid, limbs flailed at their sides, flesh burned to reveal the white bone beneath. The angle quickly switches to great fiery plumes filling the evening sky upon a distant world, the flames licking high, up against the blotted stares, bilious smoke choking their once brilliant twinkle. A great metropolis seems afire, blazing and roaring in an infero, a great spherical hole left in its core, as if it had been flattened from within. >

Breaking news is displayed in plain white letters, followed by a fade-in to a pale man dressed in a navy suit. Hair meticulously combed, eyes stark, he nods to his audience once.

This is a GNN special report, we are showing you live pictures from Bajor, where the large city of Tarel has been obliterated by some type of nuclear blast. At this time thousands are estimated dead, with millions more injured. Mass evacuation began almost immediately following the weapons detonation, near the city's heart, saving many victims from the searing radiation spread across the region. Nevertheless, a sizable portion of the population still requires treatment for their exposure.

Tarel was considered by many to be the agricultural hub of Bajor's western side. Crops from the surrounding provinces, and beyond, made their way to its elaborate and often ornate Capital Marketplace, where harmony co-existed with trade. That isuntil today. The peace recently enjoyed by Tarel, and indeed, Bajor, since the Cardassian occupation has been abruptly shattered.

At this time, no group has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the attack. However, Cardassian extremists are suspected by local authorities. We promise to bring you further information as this story develops.