Subject:Presidential Inauguration.

A valet steps up with the mantle of the President and hands it to the Chancellor of the Federation Council, who in turn places it on a Starfleet Commander's shoulders. "Ladies and gentlemen... and representatives of Transvalle IV, I give you Ethan Harker; the President of the United Federation of Planets."
A smartly dressed anchor man sits at a desk, the smiling face of President Harker on a screen behind him.
  "These are some of the scenes from this afternoons ceremony, during which Commander Ethan Harker of Starfleet was sworn in as President of the United Federation of Planets. The outgoing president, James Maxwell, make a stirring speech, stating in no uncertain terms that he regrets none of his actions taken during his term.
  "President Harker made several daring promises in his initial speech, claiming he will end the war with the Klingon Empire, reestablish trade throughout the Federation and see to it we live up to the ideals of the UFP.
  "Representatives from the PanHelles Corporation were quite pleased with the President's offer to assist in the production of a Delta 2 class station in the Romulan and Klingon Neutral Zones, however several allied governments were not so pleased with the new Presidents promises.
  "Minister T'rik'inikiki of the Kaferian government seemed to see the new administration as 'A threat to diversity, where simple religious or cultural differences inside the Federation's borders will get your planet blockaded and bombarded.' He has stated that the Kaferians, a key source of genetically modified goods in the Federation, would be reviewing their trade agreements with the UFP.
  "After the inauguration, President Harker continued to establish his 'nice guy' image by visiting a local hospital where victims of the recent unrest on Earth have been being treated."
The view shifts, showing the anchor from a different angle.
  "Will the President's change of style from President Maxwell's 'Do what needs doing' tactics be too much of a system shock for voters? Only three years until we know that. This is David Johnson for GE news."