Subject:RSE and KE Engage Over Breen Frigate

Hostilities climaxed today following an unexpected encounter between Romulan and Klingon forces over a Breen Frigate stranded in the KE-RSE neutral zone. The frigate, whose on-board computer had sent out an automated distress signal following what analysts conclude was a severe warp core and EPS grid failure, was intercepted by the IKS Neghvar and the ChR Kalabam. A brief confrontation arose between the two warring vessels over the Breen ship, and what inside sources are claiming, more importantly, its mysterious cargo.  In the process, the ChR Kalabam appeared to withdraw, granting time for a formal parley between the Breen captain and the IKS Neghvars commanding officer. Long-range sensor scans show the Klingons tactics may have been anything but honorable, as the Breen vessel, which remained adrift, was targeted a number of times by the battlecruisers disruptor canon  as if threatening action. It was during this period that the ChR Kalabam swooped back into the fray, snatching the lifeless Breen frigate with a tractor beam, and taking-off at high-warp back towards Romulan space.

The IKS Neghvar, and its accompanying partner, the IKC SuyDuj'a' gave chase, speeding past Romulan forces stationed at Delkan IV as the ChR Kalabam set course for its homestar, Eisn. There, Klingon forces met in battle Romulan defenses, fortuitously destroying the Kalabam, before ultimately being forced to flee. The Breen Frigate, which had been tossed between the two opposing empires like some game-ball, encumbered heavy damage, enough to induce a warp core breach, causing the vessel to explode during the climactic exchange.

It is uncertain what impact this direct violation of Romulan space, brought about by this encounter, will have upon the otherwise quiet state of war which has existed between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire. Clearly, the Breens cargo must have had some import to incite such actions. Indeed, independent merchants within the region have reported coming across several Breen Frigates in the area as of a late, an occurrence that until now has been relatively rare, the only exception being the privateering the Breen were implicated in against the Klingon Empire several years ago. There are rumors that the Breen are running trade routes for some shadow organization paying their costly fees. If this is the case, then perhaps it was not just luck that led to the Breen Frigates malfunction; but, potentially their volatile cargo itself.